Devin Wagner - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Neuromuscular Certified
About Devin
After numerous suggestions from friends over the years to become a Massage Therapist, Devin decided to go the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 1999. Devin graduated with his first certification in 2001 and could not stay away. He then continued on to earn advanced certifications in Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Massage and Reiki with Hot Stones.
It is Devin's belief that everyone can benefit from Massage Therapy. Being a Massage Therapist is a calling for Devin and he takes great privilege in being able to help people reduce stress on their bodies, recover from strenuous activities and assist in rehabilitation from injury and surgery.
What can you expect from your massage with Devin?
If this is your first appointment with Devin, you can expect to fill out a Personal Health Intake form. Devin will review the intake form with you so that he may fully understand any injuries or limitations you may have. We will discuss what your objectives for massage are and if there are any specific areas on your body you would like Devin to focus on.
It is Devin's goal to tailor all massages to the needs of his clients. He can provide a relaxing full body massage or just focus on certain areas of discomfort. Since Devin is trained in a variety of modalities he is able to work on issues such as whiplash injury, sports related injuries or just help you relax from stress.
Devin welcomes the opportunity to work with you to meet your needs.
The Renaissance Center
427 East Bayaud Ave.
Denver, CO 80209
Phone: 303-888-9685
Available Tuesdays 8:00am to 6:00pm.

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