Devin Wagner - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Neuromuscular Certified
Terms and Definitions
Swedish Massage: uses long gliding strokes, kneading, friction and may involve tapping or shaking motions. Pressure is adjusted to the client's comfort level. This modality is generally relaxing and effects the whole body system to promote overall health and well being.
Deep Tissue Massage: is a techique designed to reach deeper into the muscle tissue to release toxins and patterns of tension. The therapist may use fingers, hands or elbows and forearms to sink deeper into the muscle tissue. Depth of pressure is determined according to the client's comfort level.
Neuromuscular Massage: focuses on specific muscles or muscle groups to treat pain caused by ischemia(lack of blood flow), trigger points and nerve compression or entrapment. The therapist may use fascial sculpting strokes, cross fiber frictioning and deep circular compression to effect change in the muscle and nervous system. This type of modality is used to treat conditions and injuries such as: whip lash, frozen shoulder, chronic pain, and rehabilitation from surgeries.
Trigger Point Therapy: is a method, used in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, which uses specific point pressure to treat a Trigger Point. This approach increases blood flow to the area to relieve pain.
Reiki Therapy: is an alternative therapy to massage. During a Reiki session, the therapist transfers energy, through Chakras, to the client using hands on or above the client. The intention is to promote spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.
Sports Massage: is intended to prepare and athlete for sporting activities and training programs and also to help them recover faster from muscular exertion and exercise. A therapist may use stretching techniques to lengthen and restore elasticity and flexibilit in muscle tissue. This results in reducing muscle tears, strains and overuse injuries.
Trigger Point: is an area within muscle fibers that is painful or spasms when compressed. Referred pain, twitching or spasms may be felt in other areas of the body. Neuromuscular Massage therapy is used to address Trigger Points.
Red Light Therapy/Photonic Torch: is a non-invasive approach which uses photostimulation to effect change in muscle tissure. The monochromatic red light helps to increase blood flow, wound healing, stimulate nerve functioning and relax muscles. This therapy may used with any massage technique.

"I have complete trust in Devin as my massage therapist. I think you need to have that trust in order to be comfortable enough to receive a great massage. I also have great respect for his vast knowledge and of the many techniques he uses to bring healing and relaxation to the body. I always look forward to my massage sessions with Devin. He truly has healing hands."
Dawn - St Louis, Missouri

"I have known Devin for more than 10 years. His ability to listen and ferret out what might really be going on, along with deep compassion and genuine empathy, add those 'intangible' values to his work. Devin's talents and skills create a safe, trusting environment and are an integral part of the massage experience. He has helped me immensely and I highly recommend him."
Jan - Denver, Colorado

"Because of my disability, I needed to find a massage therapist who could handle the challenging issues I have with my body. It is easy to communicate my needs to Devin and he is able to develop a productive approach to my treatment. I get so much more out of my massage sessions because I have complete trust in Devin as my therapist and in his abilities. Thank Devin!"
Brian - Denver, Colorado
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